Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home-fried Chicken

I helped my youngest sister make this one for herself! I must admit that I didn't really worry about making this Jaime-style healthy because she is not as paranoid an eater as I am.

1 (very expensive) chicken cutlet
1 egg, beaten
seasoned bread crumbs
vegetable oil

Wash chicken cutlet. Pat dry.

Cover chicken in egg.

Roll chicken in bread crumbs.

Heat LOTS of oil in frying pan.

Add chicken.

Realize that the oil won't cover the whole chicken. Fry only one side. Flip.

Fry other side.

Realize that the bread crumbs are burning but the chicken is not cooking.

Cut chicken while in oil to help it cook. Get burnt by spraying oil.

Give up any further cooking. But high-five for the fun of it all.

Nuke the uncooked pieces in a microwave.

How was it?

Because this was my sister's dinner, I did not try any of it. But she insisted that the chicken was good. And that it didn't taste burned even though the crumbs were black. Overall, I think she enjoyed the experience over the taste.

My socks.....

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