Friday, January 18, 2013

Is God Love? Or is Love God?

In order to help me get through the last few weeks, I created a special playlist on Spotify. This playlist, entitled "Void," does two things: acknowledges the void that I feel, and then asks God to fill this void.
I was listening to my playlist last night, and a particular song came on that caused the hairs on my body to prickle. I was laying in bed with my lights off, waiting fearfully for the song to be over.
I think back to the time that I added the song. It has the same title as a different song that I was looking for, and so I haphazardly added this one as well.
The song is "I Miss You" by Nomy:

As I was listening to this song last night, it sounded demonic to me. It sounded as if I were being encouraged to commit suicide because life is empty without love.
There is some truth to that idea: life is empty without love--because Love itself emanates from God. However, there are many people that hold to Love as if it is their god, rather than realize that Love comes from God.
Today, I did some research on Nomy. I was surprised to find that "God" and "Jesus" are found in a few of his songs. And yet....something doesn't seem quite right. Here are some of the lyrics from another song by Nomy, "Crucified by Love":

Erase my name, from the past
So many years have gone so fast
So take this life and begone
You are no longer my number one

You made me live
Hoped you'd stay
Never knew what she was about to say

Im sorry for the time
You're still one of a few
I'm sorry you were mine
I'm crucified by you

And what we had was fine
Yeah god was crying blood
Yeah life are left behind
I'm crucified by love

It turned out you're no longer mine
Without a whisper and without a sign

So nail me, nail me to the cross
Oh baby, fail me fail me just for us
And haunt me haunt me in my dream
Oh baby thrill me kill me sins redeem

Now, obviously I cannot judge Nomy's heart, nor am I an expert analyst of song lyrics. Mainly, I am simply struck by the realization that it is a struggle to differentiate between God/Jesus ("nail me to the cross") and earthly love. 
This terrifies me!! Especially given my own "deceitful heart." (Jeremiah 17:9)
Love--earthly love--without God, is deadly. It is the cliche: playing with fire. Love is something very real and something very deep. But if it is not within the kingdom of God, then it must--without exception--be within the kingdom of Darkness and therefore controlled by Satan. When we think we are being fulfilled by earthly love--and furthermore that that love gives us life--we are setting ourselves up for death. Because as soon as Satan, our flesh, and the World realizes that we are hooked, it will all disappear. And we will encounter such emptiness--such a void--that death will be the only option.
Oh LORD, forgive my idolatry! I've seen the emptiness of that which once was. Pull me out of the kingdom of Darkness and place me into Your kingdom of Light. Protect me from the snares of Satan, the lures of the World, and the sinful desires of my own flesh. The battle is waging, LORD. And You are my only Hope for victory--my only Hope for Life.

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