Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Deceitful Heart

Alright, time for another poem type. Today's poem is an acrostic poem. Most people know what acrostic poems I'm not going to explain it.

Deceitful Heart
Delighted to see him.
Enjoying his company.
Celebrate together what we thought would be empty.
Eloping in the cover of darkness;
Illuminating the way in naivety.
Thrilled to talk;
Free to smile.
Unexpected blessing?
Love rekindled anew?

Have you forgotten what happened?
Easily erased the pain,
And abandoned the plan?
Remember to be careful; remember to think.
The heart is deceitful above all things, and is desperately sick.

O LORD, please be my wisdom and my guard. My mind is susceptible to the whispers of Satan, my flesh is weak, and my heart is deceitful. But my spirit is willing. Please, guide my way. O LORD, please be my wisdom, and please have Your say.

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