Monday, July 1, 2024

The Formational Spiral: Developing Confidence and Resilience

This is a poem original written in 2020.)

What is the difference between God

and Christ’s body when listening for the Call?

Can you trace the thin line between confidence

and self-sufficiency; between resilience

and doormat passivity? Is your anger

righteous? Or should you feel shame

for giving sin a foothold? Shame 

for letting guilt fester? God 

help you to be humble; to put your anger

to bed! Listen to the name-calling.

Learn to be resilient

even when your confidence

lies in shreds. You’ve heard confidence

is needed for success; that shame

is not of the LORD. Resilience

has been suggested, too. God

help you hold onto the Call!

You’re filled with righteous anger,

but maybe this anger

is just a sin, giving you confidence

and power, the ability to cling to the Call.

Pour on the shame!

Let yourself be reduced in size. God

is leading you down a different path. Resilience

becomes keeping your mouth shut; resilient

through the pain. Who will be angry

for you, if everyone is protected? God

is Love, but Justice, too! Can we not be confident

in that? You’re drowning in this shame

because we are not calling

a wrong a wrong. Instead we call

wrong a ‘perspective’ and ask for resilience

amidst abuse. Protecting douses you in shame

and turns your righteous anger

into sin. How will your confidence

survive? Or any sense of godliness?

Shame smothers any Call

to follow God with resilience.

Leaving impotent anger and shattered confidence.

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