Monday, July 1, 2024

Psalm 109 Redacted (Take Two)

 (This poem was written in 2020)

Don’t just sit there and do nothing, God!

Say something!

Do something!

Come to my defence!

For people are spreading gross rumours about me—

horrid lies!

They are flinging hateful words at me

and attacking my for no good reason!

They only return hate even though I’ve only offered love.

I’ve tried to do good by them

But they only spew hatred and evil in return.

They say the most awful things





I’m not going to repeat their words.

I don’t need them rattling around in my head

haunting me in the night so I cannot sleep.


Give me strength to let these words go.

May they no longer harm me.

May I have strength to return forgiveness for their hatred.

May THAT be the reward of my

accusers from You—

the One who forgives in 

steadfast love.

But I need your help!

Act of my behalf our of your loving-kindness.

I feel so weak and wearied,

and my heart aches.

I feel like I am wasting away.

This pain is eating away at me bit by bit.

All that is left is shame.

Help me!

Save me!

Your love is all that I can count on.

Show them the truth!

Restore to me blessing and gladness.

May their falsehood be revealed.

May their true nature be made known.

I choose to utter words of thanks and praise,

because in You are salvation and life.

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