Monday, July 1, 2024

Psalm 106: Seven Occasions of Sin and Forgiveness

 (This poem was written in 2020)

Praise God!

Give thanks to our gracious God,

whose mercy endures forever.

Happy are those who turn themselves to the Divine.

I allowed my expectations to soar

of others, but mostly of myself.

I wrapped myself in Pride.

But see Divine deliverance:

‘Enough’, says God. ‘Is enough.’

I endlessly sought achievement

and the acknowledgement of others.

I wrapped myself in Greed.

But see Divine deliverance:

‘Be satisfied,’ says God. ‘With me.’

I played the comparison game:

‘Do I fare better than he?’

I wrapped myself in Envy.

But see Divine deliverance:

‘You are,’ says God. ‘The apple of my eye.’

I sat staring at bodies

more beautiful than mine.

I wrapped myself in Lust.

But see Divine deliverance:

‘My love,’ says God. ‘Makes each unique.’

I starved and then I hungered;

binging only to later purge.

I wrapped myself in Gluttony.

But see Divine deliverance:

‘Who eats this bread,’ says God. ‘Shall hunger no more.’

I turned my pain to anger

and let anger build its walls of hate.

I wrapped myself in Wrath.

But see Divine deliverance:

‘My peace,’ says God. ‘Do I leave you.’

I hid under my covers,

eager to pass the day away.

I wrapped myself in Sloth.

But see Divine deliverance:

‘Come and see,’ says God. ‘That I am good.’

Save us, O God,

and deliver us from ourselves,

that each and every one of us

may shout out-loud: Praise God!

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