Friday, October 2, 2020

Psalm 69: the cry of one wrongly accused

i am drowning.
i have cried so many tears
that a sea rises round me.
i am faint from struggling
to stay afloat;
my consciousness is waning.


the accusations are more

than i can bear.

accusations without cause.

i’m wrongly accused.

o god, you know the truth.

you’ve seen all

that i have done.

protect others from this shame.

may i bear it all for others

and for you.

even my family has abandoned me.


i am hated

because i have followed you.

they have rejected you;

therefore, they reject me.

i watch as the gossip spreads

from one to another

to another.

i fear i will become infamous.


but i come before you:

in your perfect time,

out of your loving-kindness,

answer me.

rescue me from these deep waters:

my enemies without

and my tears within.

may i not be pulled under,

never to surface again.


answer me, o god.

i know your character

is loving-kindness.

mercy, mercy.

turn to me and save.

act quickly.

come near to me,

and rescue me.

set me free.


you know what i am experiencing:

the insults,

my shame,

the dishonour,

my enemies,

the despair,

my broken heart.

i have sought relief

and comfort

but found none.

i hunger and thirst

but find only

poison and vinegar.


please thwart their designs,

and humble them from pride.

they are preying

on the weak and the wounded.

bring about justice.

i have been shamed and wounded;

i need your protection.


under god’s protection,

i will praise god in joy

and offer my hearty thanks.

this will please god

as a living sacrifice.

let those who are oppressed

and brokenhearted

see my living sacrifice

and be encouraged

to seek god,

who will rescue and revive.

for god cares for those in need.


let the universe praise god—

all that is, seen and unseen.

for god is one who

saves and rebuilds,

who draws all that is—

you and me—

into health

and wholeness.

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