Friday, July 31, 2020

Psalm 139: Body Shop of Horrors

To the one who knows me intimately,

who is closer than a whisper,

close enough to hear my heart beat:


You know me inside and out.

You know what I’m going to do 

even before I do,

and—honestly—it freaks me out.


I’ve tried to run away from you,

but you are always with me—

It’s useless to attempt escape.


Am I the creation of your thoughts?

Is your will stronger 

than progenitor mechanics?

My code book rests upon your shelf.


You haunt my dreams;

when I awake you are still with me.

I’m caught—a single grain of sand—

in the oceans of your mind.


You are my everything.

I cannot bear the thought of you

listening to another’s heart.

Their love for you is in vain—

it is nothing.


Take me—

Take all of me—

Until I am annihilated in you.

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