Monday, February 16, 2015

The Music Box

Darkness. Emptiness that suffocates. And loneliness that grates the skin.

Then light rains down upon me, lifting my spirit upon its effervescent waves. I blinkingly look up and into his eyes. Brown gleaming orbs, splashed with green nebulae emanating from a pair of gently pulsating pupils.

I jump to my feet in ecstasy and begin to sing and dance. I twist and twirl and jump, watching the exaltation in his eyes. Then my gaze is drawn to his lips, as a smile breaks forth. I respond with braver song, assuring him of my love and beckoning him to draw near.

But then darkness begins to creep across my body. I can no longer see his lips, and his eyes are disappearing. My step falters; I trip; and as I hit the floor, I am plunged again into darkness.


Darkness. The silence so thick that I cannot hear my cries. The chill in my heart stretches to numb my shaking limbs.

Then light floods again. I see his eyes, and I see his curving lips. I jump to my feet and I offer my voice. I dance with fierce joy, knowing I will never tire.

But wiser now, when the darkness begins to descend, I halt my dance and stare pleadingly into his eyes. The darkness halts. He returns my gaze. I sing at the top of my voice, “Come and dance with me! Why don’t you come and sing?” His eyes take softer shape, and the darkness begins to recede. I stand in awe before him, continuing to sing, “Come dance with me; come sing the duet of love.” His lips again appear, but they lack their lovely curl.

Wondrously, a finger appears, with a hand attached besides. He reaches out to me. My heart skips a beat, allowing for a beat of hope.

But his hand blocks out the light, and then my heart is stilled by fear. His finger comes closer and closer and closer—
until he pushes me to the ground.

His hand snaps back, and allows for light to return. I look up into his eyes; they are doused with the salty sea. I see fear or confusion, anger or concern. Before I pick myself up, darkness engulfs my desecrated world.


Darkness. Emptiness. Loneliness. Numbness.

I shield my eyes when the light returns. I slowly rise to my feet, but I do not search for mesmerizing eyes or a tantalizing smile. I dance, as he expects me to. I sing, as he expects me to. But my rhythm is solemn and my tone is sad. For he cannot join me here; we will never dance as a couple, nor sing our love-duet.

Now I welcome the darkness, and lonely silence falls.

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