Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Fraction of the Whole

I caught myself looking at each of them
with jealousy.
Here I was surrounded by
women of a higher
One might think I have it backward;
shouldn’t the academic
over-rank the domestic?
And yet, I hold my ground:
we were the minority;
the mostly young,
pursuing our own
Shouldn’t I be proud
of my drive,
of my courage,
of my strength,
of my intellect,
of my self-imposed
Gentle voices
and gentle hearts
surrounded me.
Wives and mothers.
I don’t feel like a woman;
I feel like a brain
with a vagina,
shoving information into my mind
while my soul
in lonely
Who am I,
and what am I doing here?
My name is little girl,
and I am utterly lost.

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