Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ephesians 4:32

I thought we had friendship
a mutual love.
But now you shout, “Betrayal!”
and that you feel too much pain.
You act as if forgiveness
is too hard; that there will be no healing.

What about healing
within me? Does not friendship
see through one another’s eyes? Forgiveness
is the path of love.
Can you not see my pain?
And how I too sense betrayal?

I do not say, “Deny the betrayal,”
but why resist healing?
Is it the fear of feeling pain?
I appeal to our friendship
and the love
we once had. My hope is forgiveness—

for the type of forgiveness
that Christ gave after his own betrayal.
Can you imagine his capacity for love?
He can bring healing
for the two of us, restoration of friendship,
and slow removal of the pain.

I tell you, “Feel the pain,”
for it is real. But forgiveness
is possible in the grace of friendship.
Acknowledge the betrayal
if you must, but then pursue healing
through the power of love.

I beg you to hear this, “I love
you.” Forgive me for the pain
I’ve caused. May God bring healing.
I beg for your forgiveness
of my betrayal,
and make one last plea for our friendship.

There is healing in the love
of Christ. Friendship will always incur pain—
it is a hard reality that demands forgiveness of betrayal.

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